Thursday, September 12, 2013

The diet is working or Halloween, here we come

Excuse me, my quirky side is showing. Believe it or not, this is another destashing project. I found this bag full of unfinished wood skeletons, ghosts and Halloween ribbon on my craft room shelf that I think I bought around 2004. I had this idea way back then to put our photos on the painted wood pieces and use them for Halloween decorations on our double front doors.

Our ghost dogs ~ Louie and Milesyoulittlebastard ~ are being walked {floated?} by the Granddaughter. Cracks me up!

Everything was purchased at Michael's Craft Store. The skeletons are called Small Mr. Bones and were $2.99 each; the ghosts were $.49 each. I used a 4-yard spool of the orange and black gingham checked ribbon ($2.99) and part of the 3-yard spool of pumpkin ribbon ($1.99). The 1/4" dowel that we are suspended from was in the garage and Hubby cut two 12" lengths for me that I covered in ribbon. Used white acrylic paint, super glue gel and hot glue.

The photos are printed on regular white paper. I did one run to gauge size, had to enlarge them all and used the fine print setting on the second go round. I opened the photos in iPages on my Macbook, used the masking tool to draw a circle around our heads, then enlarged, printed and cut out. I printed the Granddaughter's photo in full so I could leave her hair long in front.

I know you could laminate the photos, but I decided to just use clear shipping tape that I had on hand. Taped strips over the back first, carefully flipped right side up and taped over the front. Then I cut out each photo leaving about a 1/16" edge of tape.

In the meantime, the Granddaughter was painting, which obviously required sustenance in the form of goldfish and Dr. Pepper ...

Ribbons were glued on the dog/ghosts to represent collars ...

Loops of ribbon were glued on the backs to hook them over the dowel for hanging ...

The skeletons came with wire hangers so I just looped and glued ribbons through the wires ...

And now we're just hanging around! Holding hands ... so romantic!

Actually, it's still too soon for these to go up but I wanted to share the idea early just in case anyone else had any cute skeletons in the family closet ...

Happy Halloweenies!

So many projects, never enough time ...

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  1. These are so cute! Cracking up over the ghost dogs!

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