Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lilla Lotta Love :: Custom Labels for Handiworking

I was very fortunate to get in on a limited production run of custom labels by Lilla Lotta recently. After a few messages back and forth, my artwork and payment were sent and voilĂ ...

Beautifully printed cotton tape with my logo was received ...

I love that I can use them flat or folded in half. Now I just need to get a quilt or bag or something made to put one on.

Thanks, Lilla Lotta, for my wonderful custom labels. I am so happy with them!

So many projects, never enough time ...

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Baking Biscotti

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm finally in the mood for holiday baking, ahem, now that the holidays are over. The retail frenzy that is my day (and night and weekend) job is slowing to a mild roar as we roll into January. With a Saturday morning off and cool weather in Phoenix, I actually baked for no reason ... a pumpkin pie and biscotti.

One of the lovely ladies I work with gifted me with the "best biscotti I've ever had!" This is a direct quote from my hubby and I definitely agree with him. I was eager to find out if the recipe is a family secret or one she could share - yay - it's Giada's Holiday Biscotti. Here's the link.

Super easy to make, not too many ingredients, and just plain delicious. This is my idea of baking. And dunking. And eating!

Happy belated holidays and happy baking!