Monday, September 23, 2013

Lunch Sack with Alphabet Bead Name Pin

So Hubby caught me dipping a frozen chunk of dark chocolate into the peanut butter jar. Not one of my prouder moments but the man gets me ... he laughed, grabbed a piece of chocolate and joined me! Speaking of snacks ...

Our youngest daughter had requested some lunch and snack sacks made with coated PUL fabric (polyurethane laminate). I found the PUL last year at Joann's in the baby section and had also picked up some coordinating fat quarters of cotton. For her recent birthday, I made her this little washable snack sack using a wonderful tutorial by Sew Can Do.

I pulled out fabrics and buttons and things, trying to figure out a way to make it personalized and fun. While digging through the drawers, I found a bag of alphabet beads and some pin backings and had the idea to create a name pin. The prints on my PUL fabrics featured owls or monkeys so I went with the owls plus orange and green cottons pictured on the right. {Note the brown paper lunch sack I had out for my original inspiration. Fortunately, I found the Sew Can Do tutorial, resulting in this great round lunch sack!} 

I made a couple of changes to the instructions:
  • Made the bag taller by a couple of inches
  • Used my serger for all seams and only used my sewing machine to topstitch
  • Used wide satin ribbon that I had on hand for the drawstring rather than the grosgrain ribbon called for

For the pin, I laid out the beads for her name and cut a piece of fabric large enough to allow me to double it, wrong sides together, stitch around leaving an opening for turning, then tuck the open end in and topstitch all the way around. I hand-stitched the beads to this little piece of fabric, starting with the center bead and working my way out on each side to make sure I had it centered nicely. Then I hand-stitched the pin backing to the back side. I pinned it to the lunch sack just below the drawstring casing, but the nice thing about a pin like this is that it can be removed and pinned on anything.

Inside and out, this lunch sack turned out so cute and the Sew Can Do tutorial was easy to follow.

This would make a great little bag to carry knitting and crocheting projects around in, too.

So many projects, never enough time!


  1. what a cute idea! especially the name pin!

    1. Thanks, Lia! The whole project was easy to do and fun to make and, best of all, she loved it!

  2. This turns out so nicely and I'm very thrilled that you used my tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing it!

    1. Cheryl, your snack sack tutorial is awesome and I'm so glad you shared it with everyone! Thanks for popping by!


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