Friday, September 29, 2017

Bunny Tales Quilt Finish

Finally got the last stitches in this quilt for my granddaughter, washed and dried it to achieve crinkly softness, and gave it to Abby.

This quilt had a few firsts for me ... I had never used a panel but had to try it the second I saw this Bunny Tales panel from Missouri Star Quilt Co. My daughter has always loved bunnies so I knew the momma and baby bunny would be perfect for Abby's baby quilt. Used two darling accompanying prints for borders.

Another first was big-stitch embroidery to highlight the panel. It was fun to do and turned out even better than I had hoped. I also hand-embroidered Abby on the momma bunny's kerchief.

I inserted a machine-embroidered strip on the back with her given name "Abelina" and birthdate, a few decorative touches and "Made With Love by Nana Jane."

It was a lot of fun to make and the baby already loves it. After taking it out of the dryer and draping it over the back of a kitchen chair to cool, Abby scooted over in her walker to look at it and touch it. Sweet girl!

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