Tuesday, August 29, 2017

An Oregon Wedding

Our family just spent an amazing week in Portland, Oregon, celebrating the wedding of my baby sister and her wonderful new husband. They had a beautiful, spiritual handfasting ceremony in a sun-dappled forest glen with the Salmon River providing background music.

I made them a quilt that reminded me of their sweet backyard garden. The pattern is the Binding Tool Star Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co. I chose jelly rolls in Basic Colors Purple and Green from Jellyrollfabric.net for the blocks. The background and binding are a solid medium charcoal and the backing is a gray print, both from Joann's.

The label has a hand-embroidered monogram, some decorative stitching and a note written with a Pigma Micron 05 fabric pen. I used scraps to make a piano key border to match the quilt front.

While I've quilted all of the quilts I've made myself, this is the first one that I free motion quilted. I used an all over pattern of meandering loops and found that polyester thread works better than cotton for me in FMQ. I had very good luck with the gray polyester cone from Connecting Threads. And my Baby Lock Jazz was so great with all the throat space for this large quilt. Having good tools really does make a difference.

Their sweet dog was their ring bearer and I designed a ring bearer's pouch that we tied to his collar.

It worked perfectly and he really is the Best Dog!

Here's wishing the newlyweds many years of wedded bliss and joy cuddling under their quilt!


  1. Although the photo is good, it still can't do justice to the true beauty of our wedding quilt. The loopy quilting is unique and goes well with the swirls, spheres, and meandering vines in the prints used. Good thing Autumn is right around the corner because we want to snuggle beneath the love that went into our extra-special quilt! Yes, it will be used and not just displayed. It's functional art made from the heart!!!

  2. I'm hoping a pattern for the Best Dog Pouch will be available from Jane at some point so other brides and grooms can have the best way for their furry ring bearer to present their rings. I looked on Pinterest and wedding sites and just didn't see anything I liked. I'm super lucky to have such a creative sister willing to conjure up an original design!


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