Thursday, June 12, 2014

Handmade Wedding :: Pinwheel Place Cards

Our youngest daughter and her sweetie pie were married in our back yard in March. We were lucky to have two amazing photographer/family members attend who captured everything beautifully. It was a perfect day as seen in this stunning photo taken by the groom's father, Roy …

Another favorite, taken by my middle sister, Kelli, aunt of the bride, shows our daughter sipping her pre-wedding morning coffee in the yard where the ceremony took place, prior to the guests' chairs being set up.

We were fortunate to have some truly special touches provided by other family members that made the day even more wonderful. My youngest sister, Sara, aunt of the bride, is a card-making, origami-folding, scrapbooking pro who spent many hours hand making amazing pinwheel place cards for each guest.

The reception was held on our sport court …

Tucked into each napkin, the pinwheel place cards were the ideal way to celebrate an outdoor event and were enjoyed by everyone. They also made a fun takeaway.

Sara found the instructions for the pinwheels through Pinterest at, but made a few modifications. Here are the supplies she used:

Her modifications are shown in italics:

Supplies for Pinwheels:
1. Floral Origami Paper. $5
I used 6" square double-sided scrapbook paper found at Michael's Crafts, Paper Pad by American Crafts, $5.99.
2. Dowels or Pencils (the pencils work well because you can use the eraser for the pin). $4
I used paper drinking straws found at Craft Warehouse, Stylish Stix by Queen & Co., package of 25 for $4.99.
3. Map Pins. $4
I used size 17 ball point sewing pins and paid $2.70 for 90 at K-Mart.
4. Scissors.
5. Strips of cardstock for names. I used regular 20-lb printer paper but wished I'd used the stiffer cardstock.
6. Super glue. I used Insta-Cure super-thin cyanoacrylate.
7. Seed beads.  Honestly, had some from a broken bracelet but are widely available.
8. Wire cutters.
Step One: Cut the origami paper in fourths. Hint: Measure paper beforehand to ensure it's perfectly square. I had to do some trimming. I cut 4" squares for the bride and groom.
Step Two: Fold the small square corner to corner in both directions.
Step Three: Cut along the folded line 2/3 of the way toward the center on all four corners.
Step Four: Now you are ready to pin. Take one corner of each cut section and pin them all in the middle of the square then add the strip of paper before pinning it all to a dowel or pencil or paper straw.
Step Five: Adjust insertion of pin so that pinwheel spins easily when blown upon and use wire cutters to snip off end of pin. Hint: Hold over a magnet when snipping and you won't have little sharp pin points all over.
Step Six: Over remainder of pin, apply dot of glue and place seed bead. Hint: Using pliers to pick up and place the tiny beads is helpful.

Sisters are the best!

I want to show you the gorgeous wreaths we made for our double front doors and garage but I'll save that for another post.

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