Saturday, January 12, 2019

Heart Wreaths for Spring

Christmas decorations were taken down and stored last weekend during our granddaughter’s nap. For a solid month, Abby has played constantly with the musical decorations. There are four of them that sing, shake, jingle and howl, and her greatest joy has been getting all of them going at once while she dances around. She had just played with them that morning and, upon waking, she charged into the living room, screeched to a halt and gasped in shock. She was pretty sad that Christmas was gone. I had collected those musical decorations over a few years and have always enjoyed their joyful cuteness immensely. Until this past Christmas when Abby played the daylights out of them. There was palpable relief in the air when they disappeared.

Once our double front doors were bare, I went to the garage wall where hanging bags of wreaths and seasonal floral arrangements wait their turn. The heart-shaped grapevine wreaths I’d put together years ago came out of the bag looking so beat, it was time for a remake. After spending a few minutes on Pinterest looking for inspiration, I headed to Michael’s for supplies.

Once the tulle and old flowers were stripped off of the grapevine forms, I heated up the glue gun and grabbed some floral wire and wire cutters.

Because we need two wreaths for the double doors, I tilted them in opposite directions for balance. When I showed the first one to my Hubby, he immediately said, “It’s crooked,” and wanted to make it hang straight. Nope, I like the angle. 

It’s always nice to have something fresh and cheerful to enjoy after the sparkle of the holiday decorations disappear. Welcome, Spring!

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