Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy Little Sewing Project - Thimbleanna's Purse Thingy

I enjoy small projects because I've figured out I'm an instant gratification kind of gal. Big quilts call my name -- I've made a few and have several planned -- but give me a tiny sewing project that is ready to use or gift in a few hours and I am sooooo happy. And they're great for using up scraps of fabric.

Now let me tell you what happened at Hobby Lobby yesterday. I always make a quick run past their little fabric clearance section because I can do so much with those just-under-a-yard pieces that they mark down. A woman (and I'm guessing her daughter) approach me. The woman looks extremely serious and says, "Can I ask you something?"

Now I'm wondering if she thinks she knows me but I don't recognize her and we're back in the corner of the store with no one else around. Let's be honest here. Most people who sew and quilt and craft are the nicest people you'll ever meet but you know there has to be a few nutjobs in the mix and Murphy's Law says this might be my moment to meet one.

So I say, "Sure," and brace myself. She gestures to the small bundle in my hand and asks, "What are these little things of left over fabric called?"

Still confused, I look down at my hand and back up at her and say, "Remnants?"

And she hollers, "REMNANTS!" And throws her hands up in the air as she turns to her companion. "That's it ... remnants!"

I had to laugh and said, "I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't remember things like that!" I'm still giggling about it.

So if you like quick little scrap busting projects, too, let me tell you, you'll want to make this adorable Purse Thingy by Thimbleanna.

She provides a wonderful tutorial. The back piece that cushions your cell phone is quilted before assembly (I used a layer of flannel inside). I just stitched around and around in a square from the outside in.

In Thimbelanna's original version, she includes a see through vinyl ID window, which I omitted, just keeping the front solid fabric.

I still put the little pocket inside as a divider.

Here is the back with my cell phone tucked into the pocket.

This is a graduation gift and we included a Visa gift card. Is this sweet or what?

Thanks to Thimbleanna for the fabulous free pattern/tutorial!

So many projects, never enough time ...


  1. Your version turned out adorable!! Did you have to alter the size? When I made the tutorial I had an old flip phone and my i4 won't fit. Or is the i5 small enough?

    1. I made it to your exact measurements and mine is an iPhone 4S. It wouldn't hurt to add 1/2" to the length and width for a little more wiggle room. I sure do love your pattern!


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