Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Beginnings - A Wedding and a Signature Quilt

Our baby girl married her sweetheart recently in a beautiful ceremony in our back yard. It was an intimate gathering of 38, including the bride and groom. 

They had a mid-morning ceremony with a brunch reception that included some lovely personal touches provided by family and friends. It was a wonderful day with continuous celebrations in the days before and after.

Rather than have a traditional guest book, we had each guest sign a quilt block that will be made into a signature quilt to commemorate the day. The quilt will be in their wedding colors of ivory and green. I'm planning a king size quilt with a simple layout created in the Quilt Studio app on my iPad. It will be made of 8-1/2" blocks in three fabrics that will resemble a large plaid quilt top.

The medium and dark green fabrics …

The lightest fabric is a solid ivory that each guest signed with a black Pigma Micron 05 pen. I pre-washed the fabric to remove the sizing and help ensure that the signatures are permanent.

We set up a spot on the dining room table where guests could sit and sign. I did write up a set of instructions and included a piece of 8-1/2" card stock to place the fabric block on as well as a piece of card stock with a window cut out to lay over the top. This was to ensure that no one wrote in the seam allowances. Extra fabric squares were provided just in case and a practice square so they could get a feel for the pen. There was also a large piece of cardboard underneath it all to protect the table top.

Here are a few of the personalized blocks …

and one from the youngest attendee …

As I write this, the green fabrics are being pre-washed. I am looking forward to completing this quilt and presenting it to the newlyweds -- eventually -- ready to snuggle under.

A couple more photos taken by my photographer sister …

The Momma and the Baby Girl

The Daddy with the Newlyweds

Love … Love … Love!

So many projects, never enough time ...

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