Monday, August 12, 2013

Great Tip for Flawlessly, Easily Connecting New Yarn in the Middle of a Row

My Mom sent me a link to this YouTube video recently that blew my hand-knitted socks off -- go take a peek, I'll wait ...

No kidding! You can connect new working yarn in the middle of a row and the result is fabulous. I have been working on a crocheted red and black afghan and this weird nubby chunk of yarn about 3" long appeared in the middle of a row.

I crocheted on with it and, believe me, it was super ugly. About 6" later *sigh, why do I do these idiotic things*, I realized I could not live with the bumpy blob and then, as if by magic, Mom's email appeared in my inbox. So I frogged back to just before the blob and tried the magic double knot join.

Here is the knot made after cutting out the blob and rejoining the yarn ...

The tip of the scissors points to the stitch where the knot is buried. It does not show on either side. If I squeeze the stitch between my fingertips I can feel it, but you would never know it's there to look at it.

Just had to share this amazing tip and give thanks to the clever Jane Richmond for providing it!

So many projects, never enough time ...

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