Saturday, June 22, 2013

Crochet Anon

Hi, my name is Jane and I crochet. *sigh*

I have nearly depleted my stash of cotton yarn in the last two weeks, enjoying every single stitch! I've completed a dozen dish cloths, trying different things like making them round or adding a scalloped edge.

I was working a square of Soft Ecru yarn and it was so beautiful that I kept making it larger and larger until the entire skein was finished. Then I connected some Hot Orange yarn and went around and around until that skein was finished, ending up with a table topper that measures 20" diagonally ...

I was considering embroidering something pretty in the center, but I have a feeling it will usually be covered anyway so I'm still trying to decide whether it's worth the trouble.

This is a nice change since we've been using the same table topper for two years -- a Dresden plate that I'm kind of tired of looking at, even though it works wonderfully on the round table.

I may have worked through this recent obsession since I found myself picking up a knitting project this morning instead of making another dish cloth, but just in case, I'll be checking the listings to look for yarn junkie meetings.

So many projects, never enough time ...


  1. I love the colors you used on these! You should sell the blocks. I heard recently at my sewing class that people look for bundles of already knitted, sewn blocks to reduce the time spent preparing.

    1. Thanks, I'll have to look into that. And I'm so glad you stopped in and commented!

  2. The last pic makes me think of a stack of colorful pancakes!

    1. It really does ... and now I want pancakes! ;-)


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