Saturday, May 18, 2013

The $1.00 Fringed Tee Scarf

At a recent reunion with my two younger sisters, they shared some crafting projects that were extremely cool. My baby sister, Sara, had us doing teabag folding, her specialty for creating amazing handmade greeting cards. This is a beautifully detailed form of handiwork that calls for patience, precision and good vision, not particularly strong traits of mine (which you would know immediately if you've ever seen me drive). I do plan to attempt this fantastic art form on my own eventually, but today it's all about quick, easy and cheap.

Kelli, my middle sister, showed us how to make a very cute, cool fringed scarf from a T-shirt and the only tool you need is a pair of sharp scissors. You can literally complete and wear this project in 10-15 minutes; it's fun, inexpensive and makes a great gift. Whenever our granddaughter, Ashley, has her girlfriends for a sleepover, we do a craft project that they can take home with them the next day. We're planning to do this one at the next overnighter ... wouldn't fringed tee scarves in their school colors be awesome? These scarves would make great club fundraising projects, too.

Ashley and I popped into the Dollar Tree dollar store for a couple of Youth Large (10/12) Fruit of the Loom tees in turquoise and purple.

Cut your shirt straight across from armpit to armpit. The cut edge may roll, but it doesn't matter. Also, because it's a knit, the fabric will not unravel.

Then cut the hem off the bottom of the shirt. (Set these pieces aside to use for another project.)

Cut through both the front and back layers together to make fringe, about 1/2" wide and approximately 1/4 of the way up the length of fabric.

Pull each individual piece of fringe, stretching it tautly. This makes the fringe curl so that it hangs down stringy.

Now it's ready to wear ... pop it over your head, letting it drape in the front and arrange the fringe any way you'd like. These scarves are so adorable and easy to make! I photographed Ashley making her purple one and she immediately started working on the turquoise one to give as a gift. For a dollar! Love, love, love this!

So many projects, never enough time ...


  1. Looks so easy and fast! Good job on the how-to photos. Will give it a try...

    1. Thanks, PB ... couldn't be easier to do and the results are always great!

  2. Hey JC, Tried the scarf and it's just as easy as your photos show. Mine is a deep purple and looks great with black or gray. I even tried it with a teal tee one day and the contrast was fun. Thanks for the project!


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