Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sparkle Wrist Warmers (pattern on

It's hard to imagine that you would ever need anything knitted and warm in Phoenix, Arizona, but we do have our own version of winter here (stop laughing, Minnesota). And since you might as well look cute and sparkly no matter what the temperature reads, these Sparkle Wrist Warmers will keep your fingers free for texting, shopping, taking photos, walking the dog or even knitting.

My favorite yarn for these wrist warmers is Red Heart Shimmer, a worsted weight available in many rich colors and made of 97% acrylic / 3% metallic polyester (hence, the sparkle). And you can get 2 pair of wrist warmers from one skein.

This is a fairly easy pattern requiring knitting in the round, the purl stitch and increasing by knitting in front and back of a stitch. Finished size is 7-1/2" in length and they fit most women. Plus, they're pretty quick to knit up and make great gifts wherever you live.

The Sparkle Wrist Warmers pattern is available as a PDF download for $3.00 at Just think how many you could churn out before the holidays roll around again!

So many projects, never enough time ...


  1. This is a great gift for your photographer friends to keep in their camera kit! I go on-location for my studio a lot - it's awesome to have these to keep your hands warm and your trigger finger free.

  2. So true ... my sister is a photographer in Minnesota and she has requested a pair. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!


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